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17 Jun' 16
Google Maps Ads

Ads On Google Maps: How This Newer Promotion Routes for Businesses

"How can I increase footfall in my brick-and-mortar store?" This is one question that every store owner would love to crack.

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13 Jun' 16
Gmail Expert

How To Work Smart And Become A Gmail Expert

Most of us are Gmailers here, right? Even those who are not yet ready to abandon their decade-old Yahoo or MSN accounts, are leaning towards making Gmail their primary choice.

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18 Apr' 16
email marketing campaign

What’s Your Email Marketing Campaign for Reducing Cart Abandonment?

That slack-jawed look on your face is totally valid when even thousands in advertising, smart call-to-action systems, and sharp marketing strategies have no effect on cart abandonment.

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04 Apr' 16
online branding campaign

Make Your Brand Sound Human- Key to a Successful Online Branding Campaign

Almost 90 percent of consumers who interact with a brand on social media feel inclined to talk about it in their network, but wait! There is a catch – they do so only if they can relate to the brand.

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28 Mar' 16
digital marketing strategy for startup

Are Your Digital Marketing Strategies Based On Customer Experiences?

How would you feel as a kid if instead of getting a G.I. Joe, you got a trip to your grandma’s house? Bummer! Maybe your mom meant good, but obviously wasn’t thinking of what you were expecting at that moment.

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24 Mar' 16
Technical seo tips

Top 5 Technical SEO Tips to Boost Your Website Performance

Running a business online? Got strategies and campaigns figured out? That really secures your online marketing success, doesn't it? Well, unfortunately, no! You really need to zoom in on your website performance before hoping to outsmart your competitors and get all the exposure.

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22 Feb' 16
Adwords Tricks For E-commerce Site

5 Adwords Tricks For E-commerce Site

Using Google Adwords is one of the best ways to promote e-commerce site. It's also cost-effective, provided you are doing it right.

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17 Feb' 16
analytics for conversion


Heard of the old saying ‘customer is god’? You must have. Know what, nothing has changed and they still rule. This only means that your start-up needs to have smart mechanisms in place that can track client preferences.

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