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01 Apr' 16
agile software development

Agile Software Development May Be The Answer To Your Need For Speed

In a fast-changing business landscape you need to be agile to go to the pinnacle. No wonder, 'agile' is the latest buzzword in the IT world.

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07 Mar' 16
Reduce shopping cart abandonment

E-Commerce Tips For Start-Ups: Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonments

Imagine watching your favorite athlete running the Olympics. He is slowly nearing the finish line, beating all the opponents one by one.

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25 Feb' 16
digital wallet


YOU BETTER BE.Handing out dirty germ-infested paper money – stoneagish! Safe, seamless, and incredibly convenient tap-and-go fiscal transaction – welcome to the highly sophisticated world of e-wallet!With e-commerce big daddies Apple, Google, PayPal and Amazon getting on board with virtual money, digital wallets are steadily taking strides into the mainstream.

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16 Dec' 15
magento store christmas extension

Make Your Magento Store Holiday-Ready – Here Is How

The holiday season is fast approaching. Store-owners across the nation are working hard to cash in the festivities. Are you ready to handle the frenzy? With the online sales predicted to reach a whopping $79.

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23 Nov' 15
Magento site security

How to Improve the Security of Your Magento Store?

Ensuring topnotch e-commerce website security is crucial because these sites keep records of sensitive customer details such as credit card and personal information.

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07 Sep' 15
Drupal Commerce Website

Customize the Look and Feel of Your Drupal Commerce Website

Your online store is like a needle in a haystack, with thousands of competitors offering similar products and services.

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03 Sep' 15
realtime financing

Real Time Financing – A Game Changer

According to a research report by consulting major PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), a business model dependent on and favoring digital ecosystems, sharing economy will rake up revenues up to 335 billion dollars by 2025.

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