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08 Feb' 16
video marketing strategy 2016


Video marketing strategies were a big hit in 2015. Zooming in on marketing messages and adding entertainment to the sales pitch. Sure it’s a great idea. After all, who doesn't like entertainment, right? But, with creative strategies acting as business spearhead these days, companies, especially the start-up entities, need something more sensational in the video marketing sector to stand out.

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25 Jan' 16
New Video Streaming Apps of 2015

Are You Using These New Video Streaming Apps Of 2015

Your Android or iOS device is your new television. Thanks to the many new apps, video streaming on these devices is a reality like never before. The year 2015 introduced many new video streaming apps and improved existing ones. Here is a quick list of all the 

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16 Jun' 15
small business marketing

Best Marketing for Small Businesses

Know what? You need not hire the likes of Wieden + Kennedy or an Ogilvy and Mather to get the words out about your brand. Sometimes the simplest ideas help spread information far and wide. For small businesses, the biggest challenge lies in launching and running a campaign on shoestring budget.Certainly, you don’t have the liberty or ability to splurge on extravagant marketing campaigns.

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