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11 Jul' 16
Mobile Apps

Some Useful Mobile Apps to Make Your Everyday Life Easy

We love our smartphones. And why won't we, these tiny devices run a considerable part of our days (and nights), while we gleefully glide through life. However, to be frank, smartphones are not solely responsible for the problem-free lifestyle that greets us every day. They serve only as a platform, while the heroes behind the curtain are apps.

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08 Jul' 16
Cost Effective App Development

Secure and Cost-Effective App Development: How Can We Help

With the great surge of ecommerce business, almost every online shopping store has released their applications to get an access to a wider market on the go. Fortunately, consumers have welcomed this effort and have happily installed these apps in their Smartphones. However, at the time of payment, most of the buyers prefer to opt for ‘Cash on Delivery’ mode, rather than going with the other payment options.

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20 Jun' 16
Google Play Beta Testing Apps

Google Play Beta Testing Apps: How To Use It

Think of a racing game that you have just developed after rigorous hard work for the past couple of months. You upload it in the Google Play and wait for the user reviews. Finally, when you get the feedback, it’s full of disappointments because the users were unable to play, some found the interface disturbing and some even failed to download it.

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16 May' 16
ios mobile apps 9.3 updates

Best Features Of IOS Mobile Apps 9.3 Updates

The new iOS update 9.3.2 is out and reviews are coming in with a warmer response than the previous updates (9.1, 9.2, and even 9.3.1) had ever received.  Although, Apple took a considerable time to develop something smarter and likable than previous updates, its 9.3.1 update went belly-up as soon as it hit the market.

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09 May' 16
Xcode 7 - IOS Mobile App Development Tool

Xcode 7 – Updated IOS Mobile App Development Tool

Andriod might have been holding a big share in the market, but the high-quality products and apps of Apple can never be ignored. So, when you are planning to develop an iOS mobile application, get started with the latest Xcode 7, released in June 2015. This iOS mobile app development tool is already known for its integrated development environment (IDE) and this new matured studio has even improved its features and functionalities.

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29 Jan' 16
future of mobile advertising


Be it start-ups, big shots, industries, local or global brands, all are investing more of their time and money on researching and employing mobile advertising strategies. Today, customers use mobile apps to shop, pay restaurant bills or book movie tickets with the simple tap of a button. From mobile marketing and mobile sales mechanism to mobile wallets and reward-based advertising programs, businesses have now realized the benefits, and are figuring out how they can leverage mobile marketing.

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25 Jan' 16
New Video Streaming Apps of 2015

Are You Using These New Video Streaming Apps Of 2015

Your Android or iOS device is your new television. Thanks to the many new apps, video streaming on these devices is a reality like never before. The year 2015 introduced many new video streaming apps and improved existing ones. Here is a quick list of all the 

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19 Nov' 15
digital marketing for mobile

Digital Marketing for Mobile: Things You Need To Know

Okay, so you have a website with a plethora of product or services to offer. Great. But does your business show up in Google searches? Because if your business is not found by prospective customers, all your efforts go down the drain.Digital marketing implies doing things fast. And, the most significant aspect of digital marketing for mobile is to be found easily by your customers on their smartphones or tablets.

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19 Oct' 15
marshmallow Doze

Marshmallow’s DOZE MODE And How It Is Handled by GCM

It is not every day that a mobile operating system’s upgrade lives up to its promise. But that just might be happening with Android’s Marshmallow. According to a research by a German tech magazine Computer Base, a Marshmallow powered Nexus 5 enjoys almost three times more battery life that the same device running on its predecessor Lollipop.

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17 Sep' 15
Google Places API for Android

How Can Your App Benefit From Google Places API?

Back in May this year, Google announced the arrival of its Places Application Program Interface or Places API. It is developed over and above the existing 100 million places around the globe that are already stored in Google’s database. Although the Places API is already available as a web service, its inclusion in developing iOS and Android native apps in recent months has greatly enhanced the overall user experience (UX) by utilizing the location signals of mobile devices.

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