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29 Jul' 16

What Are Chatbots and How Are They Changing the World of Business

The times are different. You don’t look for Alice in Wonderland any more. Today’s ALICE (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) resides in the world of Internet.Welcome to chatbot, the next big gold rush in the field of online marketing.So what is it anyway?Let me explain.

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18 May' 16
Social Media Marketing Trends 2016

Social Media Marketing Trends And Technological Innovations For 2016 And Beyond

Ever wished you had a magic wand that would let you always have one finger on your customers' pulse? Well, with over 2 billion users around the globe and counting, social networks can offer you just the tool you have been yearning for – from keeping tabs on where your customers are hanging out to what they’re saying, these networks let you get an inkling of which way the wind is blowing.

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04 Mar' 16
startup services from codeuridea


Being a start-up generally leaves you with a lot of questions. Why? Because you are new and obviously are not very confident about which way to go. Luckily we have the answers to most of your IT related queries. Read on if you are asking yourself any or all of the following:• Can IT services for start-ups help my business to grow? • How do I align my IT expenditure with my business priorities? • What would be my go-to-online strategy? • What would be my right fit technology solution? • How to leverage the emerging technologies like cloud computing to maximize IT ROI?Perhaps you are in need of a comprehensive start-up IT solution? Lucky you.

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27 Jan' 16
social media for startup


Kick starting your new business is not a cakewalk. It’s even more challenging to make people aware of your products or service offerings. However, having a social presence may hold the key to a smoother journey for your start-up. If you still think social media for start-up is a waste of time for your business, you really are living under a rock.

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05 Oct' 15
GIFs In Facebook Page and Ad Posts

Should You Use GIFs In Facebook Page And Ad Posts?

Want to add zing to your social media marketing efforts? Simply animate your campaign with images that replay automatically on loops, and are lovingly called the ‘Reaction GIFs’ by Netizens. They give you a fun and compelling way to prove your point in online communities.

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25 Sep' 15
Social media marketing with vine

Vying With VINE

Rumor has it that micro-blogging site Twitter invented Vine to encourage creativity among its users, but marketers were quick to lap the idea up. These micro-video apps soon took the cyber world by storm and why not? It’s creative, it’s crisp and it’s fun, too! Vine’s short span makes it fit for social-media sharing with its loop mechanism ensuring that you can watch a video a number of times before hitting the ‘off’ button.

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16 Jul' 15
google trends realtime data

Google Trends Dons New Design – Dishes Out Real-Time Data

With Google rolling out an all-new ‘Google Trends’, data-driven journalism and content marketing game have received a new lease of life. For years, this online search tool helped journalists, researchers, marketers and amateur trend-trackers to find out what people across the globe wanted to know in the recent past – may be yesterday, or may be even earlier.

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19 Jun' 15

Attention Shutterbugs! Your Instagram Looks Simpler and Flatter on Web and on Mobile

Instagram presently boasts of more than 300 million active users globally. Going by some recent developments, we cannot say for sure if the social photo-sharing giant took inspiration from VSCO Grid pages, while working on its website's new look and feel but it’s certainly a welcome step ahead. Thanks to its design overhaul, the photography site in its new avatar dons a simple, chic look, providing shutterbugs a better place to showcase their photos.

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