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11 Aug' 16
data analytics

Investing In Data Analytics? Know Whether Your Business Is Ready For It

Before spending your business capital on analytics, it's important to ascertain whether or not your company is ready for the same. Do you know what you'll use the data for? Collating a lot of information and using the same for evaluation is not a good idea if you are unaware of the problem areas of your business.

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04 Jul' 16
Google Startup Incubator

How Can Google Startup Incubator Help To Develop Innovative Ideas

With intensifying global pursuit for business success, tech giants like Google are always busy trying to innovate nifty ideas. The huge talent pool working under their banners do their part in formulating impressive ways that assure our ascent to the future. But the question that still lingers is whether the accepted pace of improvement is enough to match the evolving demand cycle.

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02 May' 16
Start-up Consultancy Services

Got A Start-Up? Here’s How We Can Help

Every start-up takes off with an incredibly unique idea, but to make that idea work, you need the right technology infrastructure in place. A new company's technology needs are markedly different from those of its big brothers.

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18 Apr' 16
email marketing campaign

What’s Your Email Marketing Campaign for Reducing Cart Abandonment?

That slack-jawed look on your face is totally valid when even thousands in advertising, smart call-to-action systems, and sharp marketing strategies have no effect on cart abandonment. No, God has nothing to do with it!

You would be surprised to know that the current cart abandonment rates float around 59 percent.

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11 Apr' 16
Magento for ecommerce startup

Magento for e-Commerce Start-Up- Why?

Do you know what is the first ever purchase in the history of e-commerce? It was neither a denim nor a book, but a pizza from Pizza Hut in 1994. Interesting, isn’t it? The world of online shopping took its baby steps delivering one of the four necessities of life. And today, you can even purchase a car or a house from an online store.

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08 Apr' 16
Wordpress plugins for speed

Top WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Faster

An appealing website design, top-notch programming and you are all set to take the marketing world by surprise, right?


You also need to make sure that your website has the quickest load time. Unless you want your target audience to bounce off due to sluggish website loading.

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06 Apr' 16
ecommerce startups trends


Technology trends are like fashion craze. And, just like the way you look for a cool, funky 'Game of Thrones' T-shirt with a catchy slogan or women's costumes fresh from the street, you need to watch out for the latest e-commerce startup trends. Oh yes, it's 2016, and you need to figure out what the e-commerce world has to offer to your business.

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04 Apr' 16
online branding campaign

Make Your Brand Sound Human- Key to a Successful Online Branding Campaign

Almost 90 percent of consumers who interact with a brand on social media feel inclined to talk about it in their network, but wait! There is a catch – they do so only if they can relate to the brand. And when do you think they relate to a brand? When it speaks the language of a friendly human.

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01 Apr' 16
agile software development

Agile Software Development May Be The Answer To Your Need For Speed

In a fast-changing business landscape you need to be agile to go to the pinnacle. No wonder, 'agile' is the latest buzzword in the IT world. Put simply, agile software development is a revolutionary approach to jumpstart your development journey. The agile development tools and methodologies let you break free from the rigidity of the traditional software development.

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28 Mar' 16
digital marketing strategy for startup

Are Your Digital Marketing Strategies Based On Customer Experiences?

How would you feel as a kid if instead of getting a G.I. Joe, you got a trip to your grandma’s house? Bummer! Maybe your mom meant good, but obviously wasn’t thinking of what you were expecting at that moment.

Are you sure you’re not being your mom when it comes to strategizing your start-up digital marketing plan?

Why Is Customer Experience Important

For startups, user experience should be an integral part of their digital marketing strategy because it takes into account all aspects of a customer's interaction with their brand, products or services.

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