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21 Jul' 16
brand identity

How to Design a Website That Boosts Your Brand Identity

Your company's website design is not about just throwing a few colors, adding graphics or uploading chunks of text. The design must reflect your brand's persona. When designing your business web pages, ensure that the colors, graphics, visuals, content and navigation are geared towards the enhancement of your brand.

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06 Jul' 16
Speed of Wordpress Website

How to Increase the Speed Of WordPress Website

A slow loading web page is detrimental to an eCommerce site, and a WordPress website in no exception to the fact. Studies show that about 80 percent of online shoppers who are unhappy with a site's page load time are more likely to switch to another site with better page speed.

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03 Jun' 16
Responsive Web Design Services

What Should You Know Before Hiring a Responsive Web Design Services Agency

You might not judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to selecting an agency that offers responsive web design services, you must let their website vouch for their expertise.

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01 Jun' 16
PHP Open Source Development Tools

What Is Open Source? How Can PHP Open Source Development Tools Help You?

When the code that binds an application into an organized structure is made accessible to the programmers, it is considered as an open source software. Not just accessing, programmers can make changes to this code for improving its design, function and everything else.

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27 May' 16
CMS Web Development

Save, Time, Money And Effort With CMS Web Development

Sure you have the best web design and development resources at your beck and call. That may sound convenient and safe, but is not very feasible. Hemorrhaging money to look pretty is not a wise move at all. But, without an ideal alternative, returning to designers and developers seems to be logical, to stay in the game.

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26 Apr' 16
5 Homepage Design Tips

5 Great Homepage Design Tips

Your web homepage has to look smart. Why? Well, it is the face of your business, so it has to have that appeal to pull the visitors in. Is there any 'no update needed' design idea for this? Actually, no. Like fashion, trends in website design come and go, so you have to be a bit more open to research than following traditional choices.

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14 Jan' 16
design for startup


For most startups, the initial years are tough. There are funds to gather, technologies to update, and clients to pursue. Should a great design for startup even feature in that list of priority? We say, YES it very much should. Tell us, would you want to turn up for your first job interview in shabby clothes? So what if you did, you were smart enough to answer everything! No, you wouldn’t.

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23 Dec' 15
Web Design Trends 2016

5 Web Design Trends In 2016: We Can Expect To See More

Your website is not just the store-front of your business; it is also an attention-grabbing, moneymaking machine. Your business exists on the Web in order to increase sales, but why will people buy from you if they are not impressed with the way you present yourself? So if you’re planning to hit the bull’s eye, focus on creating a user-centric design that is extremely high on UX.

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29 Sep' 15
flat design animation

How Flat Design Can Benefit From Web Animation

In simple terms, ‘flat’ design gives an impression of elements lying flat on a surface as it doesn’t use 3D impressions such as glow effects and gradients. With minimalism being the talk of the town, flat design has become almost synonymous with the term ‘good design’. However, with websites increasingly embracing this ‘flat’ approach, it’s becoming harder to distinguish one brand from the other.

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23 Sep' 15
parallax scrolling design trend

Parallax Scrolling: The Perfect Tool to Tell Your Brand Story

Remember playing Super Mario Bros on your Nintendo back in the 90s? It brings back the memories of those days when you were an expert in running through the Mushroom Kingdom, fearlessly flattening one Goomba after another, doesn’t it? Interestingly, this iconic and revolutionary arcade game was one of the first to use a design technique that is a rage these days.

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