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, has decided that it will take an at risk approach in selling the generic version of glaxosmith kline s antidepressant drug paxil even as an appeal is pending before the court in this matter.

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i use lomotil, take a half a paxil every day and have gotten some life back.

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we have not tested passion rx together with ssris such as paxil, and hence we are not able to advise their use in combination since we don t have enough knowledge.

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skb was and remains indifferent to paxil s causal relationship to physical and psychological dependency, addiction, and withdrawal problems for paxil patients desiring to discontinue or reduce dosage.

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not wanting me to be taking two doses of plavix he thought i had already been taking it, but in fact i had been taking paxil, not plavix he told me to stop the paxil.


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