Phil Prescott

This Company has such an UNIQUE team! The most friendly professional I have ever worked with. They never skipped a beat. When ever and where ever on the project Website, they made changes as I suggest and sometimes advised better. It really felt as if they were here working with me side by side, which made me feel at ease of the project itself and dealing with someone I barely knew. At one point we Skyped and was able to speak about the project and I tell you, They were the most professional and well equipped staff I have ever met. Thank you codeuridea. Telarep, Inc really appreciate how well you have done on the Website and how unbelievably professional you were during this project. You guys went more than the extra mile and I certainly will recommend ANYONE , ANYONE to put codeuridea to the test and see the beauty and artistry of their programming skills! Codeuridea today and see What I really mean! go to - my new website! :) Thank you,

  • Designation: Owner, Telarep Inc.